Why "World Eater"?
Because his title is awesome and I couldn't think up of anything else.

Design & Credits
The easiest layout I have ever done. Just slapped a screenshot I had of Alduin from in game, gradient overlay set to subtract mode with radial and presto, you have the eerie image of Alduin done. Two Smoke brushes were used around the title while the title itself has the font "Dirty Ego" with a clipping mask using Black Scales pattern from Subtle Patterns. The dragons you see for the headings and on the footer is from all-silhouette's Tribal Dragons pack. The font used for the navigation up top is "Romanesco", headings are "Fondamento", and big is "Quintessential".


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None yet :( Contact me if you wish to be one. Your site must be either video game related, a villain, or one of the Creaturee Feature sites that were made during the challenge.