Alduin - Why him?

So why did I pick this awful dragon? Well, because he is awful. I love villains a lot, especially when they're arrogant as this dragon, creates chaos, accidentally saves someone they meant to kill, and basically acts like they're a god. Are my morals messed up? Perhaps. I just get tired of the hero saves the day as usual. I do root for the villains unless they're so batshit crazy disturbing. That's when I draw the line. But a dragon that feeds on souls? Pfft, whatever, doesn't bother me at all.

But that's not the only reason. Here you have a massive dragon with mega wingspan plus spikes and gorgeous horns along with bright evil looking eyes. To top it all off? Black. He's evil personafied and it's beautiful~ I could look at him all day if I could but sadly, my attention span is pretty weak so small glimpses will have to do for this fine specimen of a dragon.