Alduin - Profile

Name: Alduin
Titles: World-Eater / Nordic God of Destruction
Name Meaning: Al Du In, Destroyer Devour Master
Age: Immortal
Gender: Male / YY
Eyes: Bright red
Scales: Black
Voiced by: Daniel Riordan

Alduin is everything you expect from a spoiled brat, especially since he claims he was the first born dragon from Akatosh, a chief deity thought to be the father of dragons in the series. This guy is arrogant to the max that it's laughable. Though I can't quite blame him since, one, he is a dragon that towers over cities and breathes fire like no one's business. Plus, he loves to rule over humans so much that he makes them his slaves. The moment the dragonborn uses a shout on him, he is angry. I mean, here is a human just waltzing in on his plans and throws a force that sends humans flying out of their clothes. Totally rude and humiliating, am I right?

Also this guy only speaks in dragon language since he hates humans that much. Other dragons will talk to the dragonborn in English, but this guy? Nope, screw you humans, I'm too good for you ants. Your houses are made out of flamable materials? I'm going to burn that down and kill those you hold dear.

Tl;dr: He's a real bastard, especially when he goes "The world is mine!" and "I will devour your soul."