Alduin - Battle

What is "Thu'um"?
It's a form of magic that can be found in a good number of Nords and some others who learn the words from the language of the Dragons, which create immense power. It's known as Voice, Storm Voice, and translates to "shout" in dragon language. Those who can wield this power are called Tongues by the Nords folk. Most, if not all, Nords have some ability for the thu'um, but it takes a lot of it and many years, perhaps all their life, to study and master it. The thu'um can be used by simply sharpening a blade to traveling to also controlling animals and killing their enemies. Overall, it's an awesome yet dangerous power.

However, there are those referred to as Dragonborn (Dovahkiin in dragon language) that not only able to learn the thu'um so quickly, but to absorb dragon souls after slaying one as well as absorbing the knowledge of their language. This allows them to learn in a short amount of time compared to the many years than Tongues who would need to spend a lifetime at most to master it.

Battle Stats
Health: 2355
Stamina: 80
Magicka: 50
Perks: Reduced Damage 0.5
Resistances: 50% to all damage sources / 50% Fire / 25% Frost
Armor: Lvl 4

Fire Breath YOL TOOR SHUL / Fire Inferno Sun
The second skill you see him use in Helgen, scorching everything in it's path and he uses this shout often, which makes sense since he is a dragon. Of course, the dragon's version of this shout is different from the one the Dragonborn recieves and uses. It can take a lot out on health so it's best to dodge this one, especially Alduin's.

Frost Breath FO KRAH DIN / Frost Cold Freeze
Similiar to Fire Breath but only with ice. Alduin doesn't really use this one much but when he does, you'll want to take a trip to the Sun.

Unrelenting Force FUS ROH DAH / Force Balance Push
The first skill that Alduin uses in Helgen at the beginning of the game, staggering the main character (Dragonborn) and everyone else at the chopping block. It can also send people flying backward. He uses this skill a lot next to Fire Breath, which can be pretty annoying especially when you're trying to dodge an attack.

Dragon Storm Call Exclusive to Alduin
Similiar to the Dragon's Storm Call, but this one calls forth meteors instead of lightning so you may want your tin foil hat when these come. Alduin uses this to destroy Helgen, how nice of him, but there is a shout the Dragonborn can use to cancel it known as, Clear Skies.

Ressurection SLEN TIID VO / Flesh Time (Opposite of) / Exclusive to Alduin
Ressurects dead dragons, giving back their souls. You can catch Alduin doing this in the game.